Washington and the Power of EBOOST

Washington and the Power of EBOOST

Kyle Washington is a versatile GT3 driver running in the Fanatec GT World Challenge America powered by AWS and GT America powered by AWS series. His cars are easy to spot with a unique and colorful livery consisting of cans. 

The livery may seem odd until further inspection. The cans in question are EBOOST Super Fuel. EBOOST is a health brand that serves the population by offering premium dietary supplements made in the USA. SuperFuel is a sparkling natural energy drink crafted with plant-based caffeine and fortified with vitamins, minerals, nootropics, electrolytes and antioxidants. The energy drink headlines a list of products, including Super Powder, Pre-Workout and Recovery. 

Washington founded the EBOOST brand in 2009.

“We founded EBOOST with two partners, Josh Taekman and John McDonald,” Washington said.  “We were all very interested in health and fitness but also partying and traveling quite a bit at the time. Our first tagline was, "Jet set, not jet lag.”

The EBOOST brand has since developed into the multi-product brand described. The products being plant-based and of nutritional value allow the products to work for all types of people beyond the athlete and jet-set.

In 2023, EBOOST became a partner of SRO Motorsports America. Through the partnership, the Super Fuel product is free for all ticket buyers and participants in the paddock area. The early bird fan, the pit crew and everyone in between use Super Fuel to propel themselves through a day at the track.

I thought EBOOST was a great fit for SRO with drivers and teams and the field crew and staff,” Washington said. “They all have a heavy travel schedule and the need to focus and be healthy during the events. The cars are sexy, the sport is sexy, EBOOST is sexy.”

The product being openly available to anyone in attendance has served a very important role in growing the EBOOST brand. Namely, people prove to themselves the quality of the product.

“The goal was to facilitate people falling in love with EBOOST,” Washington said. “Super Fuel, an amazing product, is healthy, works and there’s no crash. The feedback I’ve received from all who have tried it at the events is that they love it. It is a preverbal win-win.”

Washington himself uses the product on a daily basis as he embodies why he and his business partners developed the product as a jet-set, athlete and businessman. 

“The start of every day for the last 14 years, before doing anything, I have an EBOOST,” Washington said. “It's way better than coffee, it makes you smart, focused and ready for the day. Whether that be driving or in the gym, or in the office. Preferably, Driving.”

EBOOST offers multiple flavors for each of its products. Super Fuel specifically offers four flavor combinations: Blue Raspberry, Orange Mango, Strawberry Lemonade and Ginger Lime. Washington’s flavor suggestion?  

“Not to be political; honestly, all four canned flavors are amazing, depending on my mood and time of the day,” Washington said. “We also have an outstanding line-up of powders that are easy to travel with and have several unique flavors.”

You can purchase EBOOST at CVS stores nationwide or online at http://www.eboost.com. To set up a discounted auto-ship program straight to your garage or office, click here. To experience the endurance Super Fuel gives you, join the Fanatec GT World Challenge America powered by AWS at Sebring International Raceway Sept. 22-24. The race weekend is the penultimate event on the 2023 calendar. The season’s end is celebrated at the Indianapolis 8-Hour powered by AWS event on Saturday, Oct. 7 as the field races into the night on the road course at North America’s crown jewel of racetracks.