ROWE and Racing: How ROWE Integrated into Motorsports

ROWE and Racing: How ROWE Integrated into Motorsports

ROWE is a collection of motor oil and lubricants out of Germany that may be as recognizable as a high-quality lubricant company as it is the ROWE RACING team, the same team to win the CrowdStike 24 Hours of Spa recently. The overlap of ROWE and ROWE Racing is an important one as the sport is used to develop the many products offered by ROWE. 

Motorsports have become a creative step in the testing process for ROWE. The engine and transmission products are subject to far greater stress than in everyday use. The requirements for wear-protection properties or behavior under very high pressure are much more demanding and place extreme demands on the lubricant.

By testing on the racetrack, ROWE can test various base oil characteristics and additive compositions for performance. The results can then be incorporated into the development of the "road" products, allowing the ROWE engineers to improve product quality. Of course, another option is to test and develop products in its state-of-the-art laboratory in Germany. ROWE also uses the simple method of testing on "driving objects" to achieve detailed insightful results. 

The various ways of testing are helpful when the race car is busy in competition. ROWE has a high number of products so it's not possible to test all of them on a racetrack. However, test results from the racetrack can and often are incorporated into the expertise of other products. This means that ROWE naturally gains certain insights into the base oil or additives through the tests at track and can then incorporate these into the development of further products. 

Since 2011, ROWE RACING has been testing and developing new and innovative products on different racetracks worldwide. The team has tested everything from steering and hydraulic oil to transmission oil, to the classic, engine oil. Meaning multiple products across the ROWE portfolio have been tested by ROWE RACING.

ROWE so believes in the power of their products in competition that no other professional team racing against ROWE Racing has use of the products. It is only Team 75 of German endurance specialist Timo Bernhard who officially uses ROWE products on the racetrack. Because the team competes in other series than ROWE RACING, there is no competitive situation.

However, drivers of all creeds can get their hands on ROWE products as they are sold in over 80 countries worldwide. Just remember when it comes to your race cars and road cars, there is a big difference in which product you purchase. Racing oils are not designed for daily use and are not tested in this respect. These products are usually renewed at each race and therefore do not have to survive a change interval of one year or longer as opposed to normal conventional oils.