World Environment Day with ROWE

World Environment Day with ROWE

The SRO Motorsports America and ROWE Motor Oil partnership make sense for many reasons, but one of which may be a little less noticeable. ROWE and SRO America align on being more sustainable as the companies evolve over the next decade. 

SRO America and SRO Motorsports globally are proudly part of The Climate Pledge, co-founded by Amazon -the parent company of AWS. SRO is the only racing series signed to the pledge that promises the company commits to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2040- 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement. With this commitment, SRO has also carefully nurtured relationships with companies focused on creating a better tomorrow. 

ROWE has placed sustainability as an integral part of its corporate philosophy since the company's founding in 1995 by Michael Zehe. His daughter, Dr. Alexandra Kohlmann, who has been managing ROWE with Zehe since 2016, champions the idea today. The company sees the responsibility of becoming more sustainable as an act of conviction rather than a simple goal. It comes as an act of foresight to be the most sustainable lubricant manufacturer on the market.

One of the main changes ROWE can point to in highlighting its execution of this creed is its ultra-modern facility in Worms, Germany. Built in 2014, the factory was designed with 40 miles of pipework. The dedicated lines are dedicated to a specific product- saving the environment countless flushing cycles for the popes. 

In addition, the boilers at the German factory are located indoors. The “waste heat” is used to heat the building halls and used in the actual production processes. The waste heat generated from the grease manufacturing plant is also utilized. Waste heat is so efficient that ROWE completely disposed of heating systems for use in its facilities halls. Regarding energy saving, ROWE generates a significant part of its electricity from renewable energies thanks to its 749 kW photovoltaic system at the Worms plant and an 488 kWp photovoltaic system in Bubenheim, Germany locations. 

Compensation and offset are one of the main three points in The Climate Pledge- regular reporting, carbon elimination, and credible counterbalance. Since 2017 ROWE’s whole product range is fully CO2-compensated. The company compensates for all preventable emissions by supporting various sustainability projects certified according to the globally recognized Gold Standard.

ROWE customers can be sure when buying products that they are getting a high-quality lubricant and one that has been produced as sustainably as possible. Each one is 100 percent CO2 compensated. Even the containers, the same containers mimicked in the ROWE Pole Award medal, are made from nearly 20 percent recycled materials. The goal is to move that number to 50 percent recycled materials soon. 

If you want to join The Climate Pledge as a signee, visit the site here. Join SRO and companies like ROWE in changing the future for the better by being part of the planets turning point. SRO America awards the next ROWE Pole Awards at VIRginia International Raceway Friday, June 16 through Sunday, June 18. Tickets are now on sale.