SRO Motorsports Group celebrates International Day of Forests by supporting the planting of 1,900 trees worldwide so far in 2023

SRO Motorsports Group celebrates International Day of Forests by supporting the planting of 1,900 trees worldwide so far in 2023

Reforestation projects have become an important aspect of SRO Motorsports Group’s drive for positive environmental action. Indeed, as it marks the International Day of Forests (21 March), the company can count 1,900 new trees planted or in the process of being planted since the start of the year.

Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012, the International Day of Forests raises awareness of the important role played by these biologically diverse ecosystems. Trees represent an especially potent weapon in the fight against climate change, improving air quality and helping to lower temperatures by producing oxygen and absorbing CO2. Their roots counteract soil erosion and create healthy undergrowth, while they also support biodiversity by offering shelter and nourishment to a variety of plant and animal species.

Embarking on a new partnership with the established international organisation Treedom, SRO will support the planting of 500 trees in countries across Africa (Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania), Asia (Thailand, Nepal) and Latin America (Colombia, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic), all of which are photographed and geolocated. Comprising avocado, caoba, coffee, guava, roble, tephrosia and white mangrove, they will help absorb CO2 and produce valuable fruit for the livelihood of local communities. 

Since its foundation in 2010 more than three million trees have been planted thanks to Treedom, with all on-the-ground work carried out by local farmers, combining the principles of agriculture and forestry. Treedom’s Forestry Managers coordinate and oversee the smooth running of their projects, monitor the health of the trees, meet with partners and provide training sessions. As such the programme delivers an added social benefit by helping communities to develop new skills and build an economically stable future. 

The decision to partner with Treedom was based on the organisation’s dual purpose of protecting environments vulnerable to climate change and supporting the communities in which trees are planted. Treedom has been recognised by several UN bodies and The Climate Pledge, received numerous awards due to its positive global environmental impact, and makes an active contribution to 10 of the world’s Sustainable Development Goals.

SRO is also pleased to continue working with GreenTheUK to plant climate resilient woodlands. In 2022, SRO planted 500 new trees in a woodland in Norfolk, adding to biodiversity with a mixture of Native English Oak and Douglas Fir. This planting season, 1,000 more climate resilient trees will be added in a wider range of locations, increasing the variety of species and environmental benefits. SRO has committed to plant 350 trees in North Yorkshire, 200 in West Sussex and 450 in Country Down, Northern Ireland. The benefits of these woodlands include strengthening biodiversity by supporting the planting of different species, which will help woodland resilience to pests and diseases. Moreover, working with the Royal Forestry Society, trees planted by GreenTheUK are selected for their ability to survive the weather conditions expected to be brought about by climate change. 

A new partnership has also been established with Carma, which has set the objective of removing one billion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere through its own tree planting initiatives. The organisation’s stated mission is to combat climate change by transforming forestry landscapes in the UK and worldwide. With only 13 percent of UK’s total land area covered by trees, Carma actively works on greening new locations each planting season, thereby aiding various eco-systems. SRO has lent its support to Carma’s latest reforestation project, which will see 400 trees planted near Hull in East Yorkshire on this year’s International Day of Forests. Carma also works alongside the Green Task force to support veterans, whose work as tree planters provides nature-based therapy that can help combat PTSD.

These initiatives will run alongside an expanded range of global environmental actions undertaken by SRO Motorsports Group, helping to keep sustainability at the heart of the company's operations throughout 2023 and beyond.