Toyota named Official Vehicle partner of SRO America alongside GR Cup Series Debut in North America

Toyota named Official Vehicle partner of SRO America alongside GR Cup Series Debut in North America

Toyota and SRO Motorsports America are forming a tight bond in 2023, with the manufacturer introducing the Toyota GR Cup Series in North America and becoming the Official Vehicle of SRO America. The iconic Toyota GR Supra will be the official safety car and the Highlander Hybrid will act as the official medical vehicle. 

Fans will get their fill once the GR86 Cup car hits Sonoma Raceway in the series' late March first season opener alongside the GR Supra safety car. The GR Supra was the first Toyota production vehicle to earn the GR badge in the United States; made for enthusiasts by the enthusiasts that engineer the championship race cars.

Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) is world-renowned in racing for obvious reasons. It competes in several world championships allowing engineers to push vehicles to the limits, creating even better vehicles for the consumers who love them. 

The GR Cup Series in North America will compete under the Toyota Gazoo Racing North America (TGRNA) banner. Racing customers can expect the North American group to provide performance sports cars that are backed by a unique brand experience, fans of both cars and motorsport and well-produced engagement activities for fans and teams to enjoy. 

The vision of TGRNA matches the overall TGR vision to provide another 100 years of smiles, joy, emotion, and excitement shared through motorsports and sports cars. The mission for TGR is to build enthusiasm for all motorsport, sports car fans, and customers by offering ever-better motorsport-bred cars, ultimately making the motorsports industry more attractive and sustainable.

Toyota is dedicated to its vision and mission from the top down. Toyota President Akio Toyoda is involved in the development of every GR-branded vehicle as Master Driver driving under the alias, ‘Morizo’. One of Toyota's primary focuses is to see continuous improvement and this same goal applies to all GR vehicles including those competing across the world in various forms of motorsports.


Quotes from Select Executives:

“Toyota is proud to not only enter this new form of single-make racing with the GR Cup Series but also become the official vehicle of SRO,” said Paul Doleshal, group manager, Toyota. “We’ve already seen excitement through the series on the iRacing platform and know that the buzz will certainly ramp up when our GR86 Cup cars take to Sonoma Raceway in March.”

“The new GR Cup Series within the SRO sanctioning body is really something special and exciting for Toyota and TRD,” said David Wilson, president of TRD (Toyota Racing Development). “The GR Cup Series allows Toyota’s engineers to take on-track learnings back to the Toyota GR production vehicles. And we’re already seeing those learnings at our new TRD facility in Mooresville, N.C., the GR Garage.” 

“We’re thrilled to watch this relationship develop into something much larger,” said Greg Gill CEO and President of SRO Motorsports America. “The partnership between Toyota and SRO America is not only something drivers and fans will enjoy through the new GR Cup series and GR Supra safety car, but it is now ingrained as part of the safety culture in our paddock as part of the safety team. I look forward to seeing how Toyota and SRO fans alike interact with these new experiences. I believe they’re really going to enjoy it.”

“TRD has always been a great partner,” said Staci Langham, General Manager of SRO Motorsports America. “We couldn’t be more excited to expand our relationship with Toyota becoming the official vehicle of SRO America and the addition of the GR Cup Series.  We are looking forward to an exciting inaugural season with the GR Cup Series. Not only will our fans enjoy the racing this series will bring, but it is also a great addition as another ladder series in the SRO America paddock.”