Griiip Second Screen Experience to Drive Fan Engagement for SRO America

Griiip Second Screen Experience to Drive Fan Engagement for SRO America

Time is of the essence, and every second counts in the high-intensity, fast-paced world of motorsports. Griiip and SRO Motorsports America are teaming up to redefine fan engagement and enhance the user experience with cutting-edge, data-driven tools, and an augmented second screen interface. With Griiip joining SRO Motorsports America, fans can prepare to unlock a brand new, heightened way of interacting with race weekends, using the GriiipLive app. 

The relationship between Griiip and SRO Motorsports America serves as a notable milestone in the evolution of fan engagement within the motorsports industry. SRO Motorsports America, known for its commitment to innovation and exploring new possibilities in audience inclusion, has found a like-minded ally in Griiip.

“I'm thrilled about extending our collaboration with SRO Motorsports America for the 2024 season, which symbolizes our shared vision for innovation and excellence in motorsport,” said Tamir Plachinsky, Founder and CEO of Griiip. “Through this collaboration, Griiip's Insights Platform and the GriiipLive app will transform how each race within SRO Motorsports America is experienced by the fans. Our technology will explain the unfolding action in real-time and ensure that no event, no matter how small, goes unnoticed.”

Insider Access Into the Epicenter of the Action

In the electrifying arenas of both real-world motorsports and the burgeoning field of esports and sim racing, where speed and precision are key, Griiip is setting the pace for fan engagement. Their dynamic and innovative platform provides fans with a wealth of real-time data insights directly on their devices, transforming the ways in which they can engage with each championship.

The GriiipLive 2nd-screen app goes above and beyond to bring users closer to the heart of the action, equipping fans with the ability to track their favorite drivers and teams with extreme precision. Whether the race is unfolding on track or virtually, GriiipLive enriches the viewing experience by providing in-depth insights into every facet of the competition.

Enhancing the Second Screen Experience

At the core of this partnership is a shared dedication to enhancing the second screen experience for fans. With GriiipLive's innovative features seamlessly integrated into the SRO Motorsports America event format, viewers will be able to delve deeper into the action.

From comprehensive telemetry data to real-time performance metrics, GriiipLive will offer fans a level of immersion that transcends traditional viewing experiences. Whether they're sitting in the grandstands or watching from the comfort of their homes, fans will have the tools to follow along more closely than ever before. 

Paving the Way Forward

The collaboration between Griiip and SRO Motorsports America represents a convergence of vision and innovation. Together, they are poised to bring the fan experience to new heights, with fans around the globe having unparalleled access to their favorite series at their fingertips. By joining forces, SRO Motorsports America and Griiip are leading the charge and ushering in a new era of immersive, data-driven racing excitement.