Unleashing the Powerhouse: Ford GT3 and GT4 Step into the Spotlight

Unleashing the Powerhouse: Ford GT3 and GT4 Step into the Spotlight

Unleashing the Powerhouse: Ford GT3 and GT4 Step into the Spotlight


Ford has set its sights on a return to dominance with the highly anticipated and imminent arrival of the Ford Mustang GT3 and GT4. These machines were made to make a statement, with high caliber precision engineering, raw and unbridled power, and a clear objective of returning to victory lane. As the world watches and waits for these exceptional cars to take to the track once more, Ford's strategic entry into Fanatec GT World Challenge America Powered by AWS and Pirelli GT4 America is set to shake up and redefine the competitive landscape.


The Ford GT3: A European Odyssey Begins


The Ford Mustang GT3 will be spearheading the campaign and taking center stage on the European calendar with the likes of a strategic partnership with Dinamic GT in Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe Powered by AWS. As the season opener at Circuit Paul Ricard fast approaches, all eyes will be focused on this new chapter.


The aim of pushing the boundaries of performance and taking the racing world by storm are clear, as Ford continues to leverage their position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers.


While the Ford Mustang GT3 will soon set off on its European journey, anticipation mounts for its mid-year arrival in the United States. Fans have excitedly voiced their eagerness to witness this important milestone first hand, as the American-made beast has served as a longstanding staple in the country’s automotive history, and Ford is equally ready to make their mark and create ripples in the competition.


Racing Towards Triumph in Fanatec GT World Challenge America Powered by AWS


Ford's move to compete in Fanatec GT World Challenge America Powered by AWS is a testament to the series’ intense level of competition, leveraging the world renowned platform as an opportunity to showcase American automotive ingenuity. The championship sets the stage for Ford’s relentless pursuit of victory.


The Ford Mustang GT3 will be faced with stiff competition across the board, with prestigious manufacturers all vying for the top step of the podium. Rest assured, Ford is prepared to rise to the occasion and exceed all expectations in this new era of their motorsports legacy. The automotive world will be waiting under baited breath, with promises of a captivating and exhilarating future ahead already transcending into the brand’s sales as consumers seek to transfer the thrill of the race track into the streets.


GT4: Ford's Charge Up the American Racing Ladder


Simultaneously, the Ford Mustang GT4 is set to become a pivotal element of the Pirelli GT4 America ladder program by raising the bar for drivers, teams, and competitors alike. The GT4 will serve as a fierce contender and will certainly be making a large splash in the highly competitive series.


The Ford Mustang GT4 is where power meets precision, and it will serve as a powerful platform for skilled drivers to put the machine’s agility and speed on full display, all while highlighting Ford's commitment to nurturing racing talents through the ladder program.



The 2024 Fanatec GT World Challenge America powered by AW and Pirelli GT4 America grids are not yet set, but competitors and fans alike are eager to see who will fly the Ford banner. The season kicks off for all SRO Motorsport America series April 5-7, at Sonoma Raceway. Follow the official series social channels to stay up to date on team announcements, manufacturer news and more:


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