Decision Regarding Car No. 38 Appeal Reached

Decision Regarding Car No. 38 Appeal Reached

The court denies the appeal and upholds the Steward’s Decision (GT3-06) regarding the penalty for car 38/ST Racing. The decision is not based on the 2023 SRO GT World Challenge Sporting Regulations 18.3, which initially states that protests will not be permitted for scrutineering inspections.

The Appellate court allowed the appeal to proceed based on the FIA International Sporting Code - Article 15. The court reviewed submissions provided by ST Racing but determined that findings driven by team data supplied were uncontrolled by SRO were unofficial and couldn't support the appeal.

The post-race technical inspection found that Car No. 38 was outside the boost limits outlined in the 2023 SRO Technical Regulations and Balance of Performance Tables for Sebring by the SRO GT Bureau 08/09/2023.

With the Stewards Decision upholding the PRO-AM Class Drivers Points Championship is closer than ever. Leaders Adam Adelson and Elliot Skeer top the duo of George Kurtz and Colin Braun by three points. The teams will race into the night in the fourth running of the Indianapolis 8 Hour presented by AWS with 50 points on the table for the taking by race winners.

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