Popcorn! Meet Mitch Mefford.

Popcorn! Meet Mitch Mefford.

Mitch Mefford joined SRO Motorsports America in 2019 as a part-time engineer before moving into his current full-time Support Engineer position in 2022, where he plays a crucial role in ensuring Parc Fermè runs efficiently. 

Mefford came to SRO having watched what is now the Fanatec GT World Challenge America series on TV and as someone who enjoys the automotive world. He turned a mechanical engineering degree and MBA into a career that paralleled his interest.

“My current responsibilities include scrutineering data, managing mandatory equipment, and managing the SRO's internship program,” Mefford said. “When scrutinizing data, I ensure all competitors follow the datalogger requirements. This includes functioning sensors, correct logging rates, and maintaining all limits defined in the BOP, such as manifold pressure and engine RPM. 

“Besides scrutinizing data, I ensure the SRO data team is coordinated with the entire technical department. I also work with teams to ensure they have all the required mandatory equipment to run a car. The mandatory equipment includes GPS/RF antennas for race control, the leader lightboard, a Driver-Information-Display, and a series datalogger.”

Engineering and motorsport students may want to earmark this story. As Mefford mentioned, he works to recruit engineering students for the SRO Internship Program. As one of the program directors, Mefford assists students with their orientation process, plans and goals. To intern with SRO America email Mefford here.

From at-home fan to at-track engineer, Mefford has followed a path that is increasingly becoming more popular. Finding an interest in racing via a network or streaming service is becoming common for many of the younger generation's workforce. 

“I got my first taste of motorsports from watching World Challenge on the SPEED network, which ultimately sparked my interest in cars and racing,” Mefford said. “While I am generally interested in most forms of motorsports, road racing is my favorite, as it seems to require a balanced car proficient in multiple areas of vehicle performance. I grew up going to the St. Petersburg Grand Prix each year.” 

One thing Mefford enjoys outside of the competition are the people he works alongside. SRO America is a collection of skilled professionals in various areas of business. While Mefford works alongside other engineers, he also works with customer service, pit lane officials, marketing, and partnership development. With people coming from all walks of life to fill those roles, Mefford has noticed one very specific thing everyone seems to have in common. 

I really enjoy the people I work with; motorsport tends to attract very motivated people who strive to be at the top of their profession,” Mefford said. “Being surrounded by hard-working colleagues helps motivate me to improve. I feel that SRO has some truly exceptional people in the paddock and being able to learn from them has been phenomenal. 

Meffort and the SRO America series next set up shop at the historic Sebring International Raceway Sept. 22-24. Tickets are now on sale. Fans can partake in autograph sessions, and grid walks with a general admission ticket or make Sebring home with a camping pass. For those watching from home, join the over half a million fans by subscribing to the GT World YouTube page or enter in the conversation on Twitch where Ash Vandelay hosts.