Bartone’s Choose Different Route to the Finish Line

Bartone’s Choose Different Route to the Finish Line

Bartone Bros Racing and its founder Tony Bartone are legends in NHRA Drag Racing. Tony, as a driver, has 42 National NHRA wins, a Top Fuel Wally Trophy to go along with 37 Regional wins in Top Alcohol Funny Car, as well as three consecutive championships in the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Championship.


With Tony stepping out of the seat and into the role of car owner, Bartone Bros Racing campaigns a Top Alcohol Funny Car team with Sean Bellemeur at the wheel and with legendary tuner Steve Boggs providing the speed insight. The team has won five championships and amassed over 50 feature wins.

Tony’s son, Anthony Jr., became interested in racing just 20 months ago. The young Bartone has chosen a different path to the finish line. Not too interested in going 1320 feet at 265 MPH, instead he prefers the twists and turns of sports car racing.

"Not that it's too quick but I don't know if I have the desire to go 250+ MPH in less than a 6-seconds with a bomb strapped to you. I think this type of racing (sports cars) is a totally different sport. And it fits my needs and desires more. I don't even know if I'd get into a funny car. I just have no desire to do that. Yet going 160 mph through the Esses at VIR... Sure! 330 [mph] in four seconds - I think I'm OK."

Father Tony is also OK with Anthony’s decision.

“Anthony's done a great job. I'm proud of him. We never set any expectations but if he had a report card, it'd always say 'exceeded expectations.' We'll just keep trying to give him the tools and the opportunity for anything he needs to develop his driving skills in the race car."

So far this season Anthony Jr. has a win in the GT America Powered by AWS Championship at Sonoma Raceway in April. The young Bartone is adding to the family racing legacy – just turning right and left to get to the checkered flag.