Popcorn: Meet Kenzie Manning

Popcorn: Meet Kenzie Manning

Communication is one of the most important things each person does on any given day. It is what keeps the world spinning. In the SRO Motorsports America paddock Kenzie Manning is charged with ensuring communication runs smoothly between the teams and series as Team Relations Assistant.


As Team Relations, Manning cares for credentials, licensing, touring car entries and registration, and many more responsibilities that help prepare for an event. She is the go-to for teams and drivers regarding almost any question. On any weekend, teams can catch Manning in the operations trailer.


Manning has thrived since joining SRO Motorsports America. She cites becoming a community member as one of her most prominent career wins because she enjoys the environment and people. What led Manning to this environment was her career history and her father’s. Manning's father had a long career in motorsport, introducing Manning to a love of cars from nearly the day she was born.


“Cars have always been a part of my life,” Manning said. “My dad is a technical engineer, and he started working in racing long before I was alive. So, I’ve always been around cars and motorsports in one way or another.


“I started working in racing with an IMSA prototype team in 2020. My first race with Roar Before the 24. I worked there for two years and worked a few sporadic events with other teams in other series.”


After gaining experience working with teams, Manning jumped to working with the SRO Motorsports America series. As Manning has kept her love of cars and familiarity with racing into her work life, she’s also introduced it into her hobby life.


“I took a few 3M courses and got involved with wrapping cars,” Manning said. “I love the alone time. It’s a safe space for me and allows me time to focus on one thing. Right now, I wrap cars of people I know. I go at my own pace; it’s a really rewarding process.”


While Manning enjoys the time alone, she’s easily considered more of a people person, expressed through her work.


“My favorite part of my job is definitely the people,” Manning said. “I love to meet all the new people and, of course, see all the cars. I enjoy getting to be around some of my favorite people whom all have the same passion. They help me flourish as a person.”


Manning's goal for 2023 is to continue learning and growing in her Team Relations role. She gets to work on that goal at the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg March 3-5 with the GT America powered by AWS series. Watch the races on the GT World YouTube page.