Popcorn: Meet Natasha Masterson

Popcorn: Meet Natasha Masterson

Natasha Masterson, Texas, is the current Senior Manager of Marketing and Business Development for SRO Motorsports America. Masterson joined SRO in 2022 and found everything she was looking for in her current professional path, though not by design.


Her earliest memories and a ’79 Cheyenne Blazer color Masterson’s original connection to her love of cars. Like many others who grew up mirroring their father's brand loyalty, her motorsports roots began with the bright yellow flashes of Corvette Racing. Still, her sport of pole vaulting turned a spark of interest into a full fire for building a career in racing. In 2012, while on the University of Texas Track and Field team, Masterson visited the newly built Circuit of the Americas outside the school's campus.


She attended the FIA Formula 1 event, The United States Grand Prix, and was enamored by the work it took to execute the event, and so it goes. The rest is history.


“I think two of the biggest influences in my work background come from my time at Speed Group and Lamborghini Austin,” Masterson said. “I helped grow Speed Group from the ground up, but also learned a lot about the business there. I had the opportunity to move to Europe and become the operator of the European leg for Speed Group, where I gained a lot of global motorsports experience.”


“When I moved home to the U.S., I was approached to help open Lamborghini Austin and become the Director of Marketing. Through that position, I eventually went on to work with Lamborghini corporate to build out some of their events, both in lifestyle and motorsports.”


While at Lamborghini Austin, she met Greg Gill, President and CEO of SRO Motorsports America. The two met at one of the events Masterson hosted at the dealership. This connection would become her key to returning to work in motorsport after spending three years with the Lamborghini dealership. Masterson created her consulting group in 2022 to create a book of motorsport clients she could help thrive through her brand of partnership development, marketing and hospitality management.


“When I started posting about my consulting business, one of the first people to reach out was Greg (Gill),” Masterson said. “As we talked about what I would be doing at SRO, I realized I couldn’t manage multiple clients and deliver results to my desired quality. But as I spent last year in the SRO paddock, I found everything I wanted in a job.”


After one season with SRO, Masterson advanced from the contracted Manager of Marketing and Business Development position to her Senior Manager role. SRO allowed her to grow as a leader as she oversees partner relationships, overall series marketing and hospitality. Armed with a resolute mindset of a Division 1 athlete, Masterson jumped into her job feet first, aiming to turn to gold all that she touched.


In 2022, she helped partner AWS to expand its North American activation efforts throughout Europe. Now, AWS will globally activate on all five continents in which SRO Motorsports competes. She also used her experience with luxury car brands to elevate the GT Paddock Club to facilitate partnerships. Now established in SRO, Masterson has big plans for 2023.


“My 2023 goal is to bring on partners throughout the year,’ Masterson said. “Most partnerships are done by the start of the season, but I’d like to keep bringing people on throughout the year. My other personal goal over time is to turn SRO Motorsports America into the most luxurious sportscar paddock available in the United States.”


In 2023, Masterson will undoubtedly see success in her goals as her other love is sharing motorsports.


“I would chalk it up to my attentiveness,” Masterson said. “I’m drawn to what I do. I want to learn about everything. I can connect with anyone because I have a wide set of interests. In saying that, I like sharing what goes on at the track with people outside the motorsport world. I want to turn their interest into activation.”


Natasha Masterson and SRO kick off the season with the GT America Powered by AWS on the streets of St. Petersburg, Florida, March 3-5. The weekend takes place along the NTT INDYCAR SERIES. The opening race for all other SRO Motorsports America series takes place in wine country at Sonoma Raceway from March 30 through April 2.


This piece is the first in a popcorn-style editorial series for SRO Motorsports America. Natasha Masterson has selected Kenzie Manning as the next spotlight feature. Manning is the Team Relations Assistant for SRO Motorsports America.