Driver Download: A Few Minutes with Ryan Dalziel

Driver Download:  A Few Minutes with Ryan Dalziel

Born a Scotsman, Ryan Dalziel has proudly sported the St Andrew’s flag on his race suits and racecars throughout his career, not to mention a tartan design-oriented race helmet. Ryan is a firm fan favorite thanks to his outgoing and fun personality.  His early career was in single seaters, first in Europe, then North America, before shifting to sports cars.

SRO: Let's recap NOLA.  It was a new track and experience for pretty much everyone.  What were your impressions of the track and the community?  Any great dining adventures?  

Ryan: I had only been to New Orleans once a long time ago but my Triarsi Racing engineer Scott Besst lives there so I felt like I had the heads up on the track and good dining spots. I commend NOLA for putting on a fantastic event in such a short time, and for me the track was an absolute blast to drive. Crazy fast and very challenging. Even managed to get in a mix of local cuisine, so a win-win. 

SRO: You've raced a wide range of cars over 20 years, but this is your first time running a full season in a Ferrari.  Was that a must have for your racing resume?

Ryan:  Yeah it was one of those deals when Onofrio Triarsi and Justin Wetherill approached me I realized it was one of the few brands that I've never had the pleasure of representing on a full-time basis. The more I thought about the transition away from Mercedes-AMG and DXDT it for sure was in the back of my mind. I grew up with two posters on my wall, a Ferrari and a Porsche so I’m super excited to eventually tick off that childhood dream box.

SRO: Tell us about the new team Triarsi.  What drew you to this opportunity?

Ryan: I have known Onofrio Triarsi for probably 10 years through both of us living in Orlando. I was asked to come coach Justin Wetherill by a good friend, Enzo Potolicchio, in Ferrari Challenge at the end of 2020. Justin and I instantly became friends so when the opportunity arose to be part of this new program I jumped at it. In all my years as a professional racing driver I've never had a team workshop or teammate be literally 10 minutes from my home. Additionally I love to be part of the building process of a new team and the vision that Onofrio had, and the commitment Justin showed, drew me in to be part of it.

SRO: Tell us about your teammate Justin Wetherill. 

Ryan: Justin is awesome, you probably won't meet a more laid-back individual in the paddock. Super accomplished in business and he is bringing that drive over to his racing. As fast as he is currently it’s easy to forget this is his second full season in racing, so we have so much more to come.

SRO: What are your expectations for VIR?

Ryan: You always expect to win but and we will give it our best shot. Each time we get to the track we as a team are getting better, stronger, faster. 

SRO: Do you have a favorite track on the SRO schedule?

Ryan: We have a great SRO schedule so I love all the tracks, but if I had to pick a favorite it’s probably Road America.

SRO: Who were your racing role models as you came up through the sport?

Ryan: In my early years for sure Senna, but as my career started my hero was and probably still is Dario Franchitti.

SRO: Any advice for people who aspire to race GT cars?  What path would you recommend?

Ryan: Wow tough question. It for sure gets harder each year and I am grateful that I have been able to make a career and not starting now. My advice to all drivers is never have tunnel vision, look at all options in sportscar racing. GT3 is obviously the goal for GT drivers but there are so many options now to get to that level. Drive as many cars as possible. Beg for every opportunity and never stop making those calls to team owners personally, NO MANAGERS!!!