Mission: Critical. SRO America names Operation Motorsport Official Veteran Charity

Mission: Critical. SRO America names Operation Motorsport Official Veteran Charity

Austin, Texas - SRO Motorsports America is proud to announce Operation Motorsport as the official Veteran charity for the 2021 season. Operation Motorsport is a Veteran Led and Operated, 501(c)3 Not for Profit, serving American & Canadian medically-retiring service members and veterans and was founded on the basis of three simple words: Excite, Engage and Empower.  The premise is to engage service members and veterans affected by military service through Motorsport activities to aid in their recovery and rehabilitation.

Operation Motorsport focuses on those military veterans who do not get a chance to complete their service due to service-related illnesses, injuries or wounds. These servicemen and women, sometimes quite suddenly, have their career plans and aspirations taken away. They are removed from their team, no longer fulfill their purpose within the service, and ultimately lose that cherished identity.

Motorsport Immersion, when used as a diversionary therapy, has the ability to provide transitioning service members with a renewed sense of team, identity, and purpose. Inside the SRO paddock, veterans are offered a chance to use their skill sets in a wide gamut of motorsports-intensive areas including paddock operations management, vehicle and tire prep, and team and driver marketing and promotional activities. 

OpMo beneficiaries become part of the team in the truest sense. They travel with the crew, are provided team clothing and gear, and are heavily integrated into all at-event activities – both in the paddock and away from the track. Through motorsport and the Operation Motorsport charity, veterans can regain the sense of community, belonging and purpose that they might not have been able to fulfill with their military service.

“As we look over the last three years, we are able to see the positive results on the lives of our beneficiaries from having the support of SRO America. We are thankful we took that leap and entered into this partnership”, said Tiffany Lodder, Executive Director, Operation Motorsport. 

“We are proud of the shared successes we are achieving through the continuing support of our SRO Motorsports America family, helping our team with finding exciting avenues through motorsports for our medically retiring service members and disabled veterans, working together to share recovery opportunities throughout the paddock.”

“SRO America is pleased in its continued welcoming of Operation Motorsport and the veterans that they assist,” said SRO America President and CEO Greg Gill. “We are extremely proud to host veterans into our paddock to help aid in their recovery and rehabilitation through sports car racing. With the plethora of teams racing in SRO America, OpMo has a line-up of beneficiaries that are much needed hands in a team and who will benefit in various ways from this extraordinary experience.” 

As in the military, in motorsports the goal is accomplishing the mission, winning as a team, collectively celebrating the successes, and supporting teammates through the losses. Operation Motorsport believes in the power of Team, Identity and Purpose and that Recovery is One At A Time.